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Madison Lawson


I write things. Sometimes those things find their place on the internet. Sometimes they find themselves printed on their very own paper.

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About Me

Roots and Reaching


Rooted in a small town in Texas, I began exploring the world through the page since I knew how. I started with my backyard, eager to know all the secret worlds that may live there. 

Then my curiosity expanded, along with my desire to write and need to see the world and make new ones. 

Texas->Hawaii->Amsterdam->Paris->Arkansas->London->Texas-> What's next?

My words make worlds and I want to discover worlds, but I'll always be rooted in Texas.

Why Write?


In my childhood bedroom I have a shelf of journals, notebooks, and binders stuffed full of stories I've crafted over the years. Most of them make me laugh and so thankful I've grown as a writer. 

Buy why keep writing?

I need to know, discover, and ask why? about everything. I don't know how to do that off of a page. 

I want to make people think, laugh, question their reality, and live in new ones. 

I want to see growth in myself, in my family and friends, and in the world. 

Story telling makes new worlds.

I want to understand the original Writer and Creator more. 

What better way to do this than to write and create?

That's why.

My Works


I write things and most of those things end up on the internet. 

On my blog, I work mostly with my personal life and questions I have. I also publish the occasional short story and discuss life as a writer. 

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I also do ghostwriting, copywriting, article and social media writing, and freelance writing.

My real dream and passion is novels. 

Currently I've got a few in the works, including The Run and Murder Me, both coming soon. 

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Escape With Me


Escape with me, discover new worlds, and make sense of our own through writing, reading, and editing.

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Madison Lawson

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