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Talitha Cumi


In this series of essays...

Madison Lawson shares the personal journey she’s undertaken over the last five years to go from knowing God at a surface level to having a deep understanding of his heart. Using the three Aramaic phrases spoken by Jesus in the Gospel of Mark, Madison embarks on an emotional and vulnerable journey to a life-changing discovery of what it really means to be Talitha Cumi praising Eloi, Eloi, El Elyon. 

About Me

Helping young women overcome insecurities, pride, and sin to become a biblically rooted, vulnerable, and loving woman.

Madison is an English graduate from Texas A&M University and has published short stories, blogs, and articles along with two debut novels, THE RUN and MURDER ME, which are upcoming. She hosts a podcast,  Splinters of Truth, and speaks to young women. She grew up in a small town in Texas where she began exploring the world through the page since before she knew how to read or write. As her curiosity expanded, she began writing, traveling, studying, and now speaking, so she could discover the world, make new ones, and try to understand her own a bit better. 

The question, “WHY” is always on her mind and the tip of her tongue, about everything. Why do we read certain stories? Why do politics anger us so? Why are friendships so hard? Why can’t Starbucks make a decent cup of coffee? Why should I lower my voice?

Why are we all in pain and broken, but  feel so uncomfortable admitting our pain and brokenness?

In an effort to help others voice their own questions, to answer some of these questions, and maybe just entertain in this painful and broken world, she began writing. 

To answer, to ask, to grow, to love, to cry, and to laugh. 

To understand the Author and Creator of light a bit more.

Recently this effort of helping and entertaining others while trying to understand the world, the Lord, and herself a bit more, Madison has branched out into speaking and podcasting. 

Welcome to Madison Lawson’s website. 

I hope you don’t get lost.