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Writers helping writers. Readers giving feedback. Editing is my second love in life, right alongside Writing. 

I've been editing for my peers for over seven years now and this only grew when I got to college. I helped my friends perfect their papers before they were subjected to the critical eye of professors. I joyously agreed to read my fellow writers' work so they can feel proud of what they created. Then I realized I was good at this, I enjoyed it, and there was a demand. 

Thus birthed "Lawson Editing."

Sources – I've honed my skill as a writer and an editor by attending 5+ years of college at three different universities, including Texas A&M and University of Arkansas. I've also done some of my own research and learning by making use of different services and sources. Of these include the MasterClass led by Margaret Atwood, "The Creative Way" by Ted Dekker, which included many editing tips by Editor Erin Healey, and reading great editing books such as Self Editing For Fiction Writers by Dave King. 


Consultation, Proofreading, Copy Editing (Includes Formatting), Substantive and Development Editing, or the Full Package! 

Your work does not have to be polished, edited at all, or even finished for me to help you. Reach out whenever you need or want a second pair of eyes, and I'll be glad to help. 

References and Testimonials:

  • I found Madison on Goodreads, and I was impressed with her writing because it was very different than my own. I'm happy to say that she is an honest, albeit tough critique which challenged me to become a better writer. I used her "The Full Package" editing service and I highly recommend it, no matter what state your manuscript is in. She was great at picking up inconsistencies with formatting and countless incomplete thoughts I had abandoned mid-paragraph. Thanks to her help, I've improved the flow and readability dramatically. Madison's services are an incredible value and will seek her help on my next project. - Thanks again, Michael Muss
  • Madison Lawson is a fantastic and thorough editor. She is affirming and deliberate in her effort to improve pieces, yet manages to help the author maintain their individual voice. Cannot recommend enough. - Amy Elder
  • Madison was very quick with her response time, very thorough, and very kind. I found her through Fiverr where she also offers reasonably priced services that are invaluable. I got the Full Package and it was great! Just what I needed. - Sarah Mckinney



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20% of all paid work is donated to missions that rescue girls from sex slavery and 80% of all donations is contributed. 

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